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Columbus McKinnon 5-Day Mega School

Join Flyhouse - Project Supervisor

Three Dead Wraps: The Industry Standard

Flyhouse Projects in October

Why Did the Zip Line Break?

Flyhouse Projects in September

Using Stop Sleeves and Oval Compression Sleeves

Understanding Lighting Safety Cables

[VIDEO] Loading the Flatbed

Where's Flyhouse?

Jay O. Glerum Rigging Master Classes

Flyhouse Projects Featured in ETCP Newsletter

June Projects in the Windy City

Want to Be Part of Flyhouse?

Award-Winning Project

Macy's Flag Raising

Michael Merritt Award Flyhouse Slideshow

2017 Michael Merritt Awards

Next Stop: Detroit

Using Bowline Knots

[PHOTO] Genie Lift Training in Seattle

[Q + A] In Sight Sign Company

Shirley Ryan Ability Lab: One Step At A Time

Performer Flying Discussed

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago Ability Lab: Part Two

Hoist School 2017

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago Ability Lab: Part One

Flyhouse Rigging Fact - Batten Loading for Uniform Loads

Chesapeake Arena Project Recap

Performer Flying Rehearsal

Maybe You Want to Work With Us? We're Hiring!

[Q + A] The House Theatre of Chicago

Flyhouse Rigging Fact - Proper Sheave Size for Wire Rope

Flyhouse Rigging Fact - Wire Rope Damage

Flyhouse Rigging Fact - Performer Flying

Flyhouse Rigging Fact - Proper Rigging

Flyhouse Rigging Fact - Thimbles

Moving Chinese River-Carved Boulders

[Project Recap] Lyons Township High School Theater Rigging Update

30 Seconds in the Shop - 3D Printer Edition

Chicago Tribune Feature on Chi-Town Rising

Prepared for Chicago Weather

5 Facts You Should Know About The Chi-Town Rising Star

The Nuts and Bolts of Chi-Town Rising

4,000 Pounds of Wire Rope Drums

Making a Star Rise: Chi-Town Rising Returns

Did You Know...

Flying Effects - Did You Know

Rigging Inspection FAQs

30 Seconds in the Shop (Performer Flying Training)

[PHOTO] Did You Know...

Did You Know...

Flyhouse Featured in ETCP Newsletter

[Photo] Did You Know...

[Video] 30 Seconds in the Shop [Tao-line Project]

[Photo] Did You Know...

[Project Recap] Cherry Hills Community Church

[Project Recap] Uniqlo Lighting Hoist System

[Video] 30 Seconds in the Shop (Aloft)

[Project Recap] Southeast Area Elementary School Dead Hung Line Set

[Video] 30 Seconds in the Shop [Flyhouse Washers]

[Photo] Did You Know...

[Project Recap] St. Viator High School Acoustical Drapes

[Photo] Did You Know...

[Photos] Busch Gardens Kinetix

[Video] 30 Seconds in the Shop (Angle Brackets)

[Project Recap] Pavilion at Ole Miss Acoustical Baffle Installation

[Photo] Did You Know...

[Q+A] Ed Leahy Featured by Mountain Productions

[Photo] Did You Know...

[Photo] Did You Know...

[Video] Flying Through the Air

[Video] Chi-Town Rising 2016: Making the Star

[Video] Theatrical Rigging in Under Eight Minutes

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Columbus McKinnon 5-Day Mega School

Flyhouse's Director of New Product Development, Eric, will be one of the lead instructors for this year's CM Mega School. For more information on his course and how to earn ETCP credits, visit...Read more

Join Flyhouse - Project Supervisor

Flyhouse is hiring for a Project Supervisor. Think you or someone you know would make a good one? Take a look at the position and submit an application so we can talk.   Read more

Three Dead Wraps: The Industry Standard

Dead wraps are wraps of the wire rope around a drum that provide an anchor for the wire rope to the drum. The industry standard has always been three dead wraps, but why is that? Flyhouse went to the...Read more

Flyhouse Projects in October

From flying Billy Elliot, being on-site at multiple Arena projects to installing holiday decorations, Flyhouse has a full schedule this October. So where are we? In-Progress Projects Geneseo High...Read more

Why Did the Zip Line Break?

When you were a kid, did you ever try to make your own zip line between two trees? The likelihood of succeeding in this endeavor at that age was probably slim. But do you know why it didn't work?...Read more