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Flyhouse Rigging Fact

Posted by Flyhouse on Feb 27, 2018 5:02:17 PM
Flyhouse Rigging Fact

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Five CM Hoist School Takeaways

Posted by Flyhouse on Feb 23, 2018 3:30:06 PM

Hoist School Blog Header.jpg

If you are a rigger in the industry, you’ll likely have heard of or even attended CM Hoist School. Hosted by Mountain Productions in Wilkes-Barre, PA, Hoist School is a five-day seminar focused on rigging, hoist maintenance, and motor control.  

Flyhouse has been the lead instructor for the rigging seminar for the last two years. This year Flyhouse is represented by Eric, our Director of New Product Development, who has been an instructor at Hoist School for the last seven years. Over the last week, he has shared his vast rigging knowledge with those in attendance.

What were the takeaways from his students?

Hoist School 2018 Rigging Seminar

5 Hoist School "Rigging" Takeaways

1. Amsteel rope whoopie slings are the best.

2. How to correctly build a bridle and get the point right on the mark. 

3. Understanding what the forces are in the bridle. 

4. There are important differences between "V" and "Y" lanyards for fall arrest.

5. It is impossible to calculate how much tension there is for each point on a straight run of truss with more than two points. You can guess! But it won't be right. You need to monitor the load with a load cell or other type of scale.

Hoist School Compilation

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Behind the Scenes: Water Jet Delivery

Posted by Flyhouse on Feb 22, 2018 8:58:32 AM

Flyhouse recently acquired a Water Jet Machine to help us with fabrication on our projects. The delivery took nearly two hours from taking it off the truck to placing it on our shop floor. Fortunately, we made a time-lapse video to save you some time to see it all.



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Now Hiring: Metal Shop Assistants

Posted by Flyhouse on Feb 15, 2018 4:55:44 PM

Want to join the Flyhouse team? We're hiring for Metal Shop Assistants.

Columbia College Getz Theatre

Posted by Flyhouse on Feb 9, 2018 10:58:59 AM

Chicago has no shortage of revered theaters with long, fascinating histories. Among them is the Getz Theatre at Columbia College. In 1929, the Columbia College Chicago Theatre Center (also known as the 11th Street Theater) was constructed using an Art Deco style. After being acquired by Columbia College in 1980, it was renamed the Getz Theatre in 1985 after a major donation for renovations from the family of Oscar and Emma Getz.

More recently, over 30 years since its last renovation, the Getz Theatre spaces were completely rebuilt. As part of the renovation package, Flyhouse modernized the rigging capabilities of these spaces to meet the specifications of contemporary performance venues with the goal of providing better venues for theatre students’ and teachers’ needs. The project spanned three rooms within the building– the Courtyard Theatre, New Classic Theatre, and a new light lab.

Getz Theatre Flyhouse

In the Courtyard Theatre, Flyhouse installed four variable speed and two fixed speed ETC hoists that allow curtains and scenery to be flown in and out using a computerized control system. The system provides the students the opportunity to program multiple moving cues throughout a show while monitoring the load and movement of each batten. The hoists allow for quick and efficient changeover processes and are an exceptional teaching tool for how to manage complex automation systems.

New acoustically isolated pipe grids were installed in the New Classic Theatre (a black box space) and their new light lab to provide flexible locations to hang light fixtures, curtains, speakers, and scenery. This allows more dynamic design opportunities for the students and new production capabilities to invigorate performances.

Getz Theatre Flyhouse

Flyhouse enjoys improving theater experiences for students and faculty alike. These newly envisioned spaces will allow Columbia College students and faculty to flourish.

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