Based on the hit Disney movie, Chicago Shakespeare’s Aladdin is an eye-popping enchantment featuring Broadway-caliber actors and a set that brings the magical world of the Arabian tale to life – including the plot-pivotal Flying Carpet, courtesy of Chicago Flyhouse.

Working closely with Chicago Shakespeare’s technical team, Flyhouse provided key design aspects to ensure that the carpet remained lightweight enough to execute complicated flight patterns while safely supporting two actors in a variety of poses. Suspended over the apron in close proximity to the audience, and without the benefit of the proscenium to mask it, the carpet required visually discreet rigging that would allow it to navigate the venue’s catwalk system and also ‘disappear’ out of sight when not in use.

Flyhouse also teamed with the Costume Department to provide low-profile safety harnesses that would not disfigure the performers’ appearances and allowed quick costume changes and discreet attachment and detachment from the carpet without hindering the flow of the performance.

Comprised of a concealed platform rigged to a motorized variable speed hoist system, the Flying Carpet features performance friendly components, including multiple harness attachment options which allow the performers to face in any direction and assume different postures while in flight without sacrificing safety.

The carpet is controlled by a combination of two of Flyhouse’s custom Ziplift 300VY2 motorized hoists in conjunction with our I-RIG control system, allowing for a highly dynamic flight pattern of tips and tilts for an exciting and “realistic” flying effect as well as extremely fast lift-off and aerial movement.

For more information on Chicago Shakespeare, visit their website.