Produced by Left Bank Films, and shot in Chicago, Drunk Boat stars John Malkovich as a recovering Vietnam vet whose 12-year-old nephew will stop at nothing to buy the sailboat of his uncle’s dreams. A scene in the film required young actors to install a mast with sails and complete rigging pre-attached, during a powerful rainstorm, and using only one rope tied to a treehouse.

Chicago Flyhouse was contacted to rig the effect in such a way that the performers could safely and easily hoist the mast into place from a horizontal to vertical position for repeated, identical takes.

Flyhouse brought the 30-foot prop boat to the shop for design tests, ultimately modifying the mast and creating a pivot point in the boat’s deck, to allow the actors to drop the mast into place with minimal effort. The entire process was completed within 24 hours, and the boat was returned safely to the set well in advance of the shoot.