For the past 101 years, Chicagoans have made the holiday pilgrimage to State Street to see the iconic Great Tree in the Walnut Room of Macy’s. The 45-feet high design of the Great Tree requires more than a year of planning, and a team of 25 talented artists to construct, light, and decorate it in an around-the-clock 72-hour marathon each season.

Constructed in several sections, the Great Tree is rigged to a discreet Chicago Flyhouse-designed and installed motorized hoist. The tree is decorated piece by piece starting with the top-most section, and after each section is decorated, it is raised, the next section is attached and decorated, and the process is repeated until the tree is at its full height. In addition to creating a completely safe environment for the decorators, Flyhouse’s rigging increases the stability of the tree and the safety of the Walnut Room’s holiday patrons.