On September 2, 2006, Chicago landmark Marshall Field’s was converted to Macy’s. In honor of the occasion, Macy’s held a spectacular opening day celebration featuring giveaways, celebrity guests, and other special events. The store was also lavishly decorated including a spectacular, custom-built 16′ x 99′ LED banner provided by Soft LED.

Chicago Flyhouse was hired to design and install a temporary structure to support the nearly 1,000 lb banner. Due to its excessive weight and delicate, sewn-in equipment, Flyhouse’s team had to skillfully tension the curtain at multiple locations spanning the eight stories of the Northwest atrium, where the banner was installed.

Chartered to complete the project without making any modifications to the building, Flyhouse worked closely with designer Todd Knaeble to develop subtle support attachments which were invisible to the store’s patrons, and caused no damage or modifications to the historic building whatsoever.

Working after-hours, the Flyhouse team quickly and flawlessly executed the installation on-schedule, allowing the event planners more than enough time to attend to other aspects of the day’s festivities.