When Marriott Theatre in Lincolnshire remounted the 30s-era revue, The All Night Strut, they included a spectacular aerial ballet staged by the Actors Gymnasium, and Chicago Flyhouse was called in to rig the showstopping sequence.

Working closely with production staff and the aerial team, Flyhouse addressed the challenges presented by the theater’s low 16′ catwalks and in-the-round design. In addition, flight choreographer Sylvia Hernandez-DiStasi requested a manual flying system.

To accommodate the sweeping choreography, Flyhouse installed two straight lift flying systems, allowing the aerial performer to swing in a 20′ diameter arc and swivel endlessly. To protect the production’s large stock of moving lights, Flyhouse used restrictor plates to control the lift lines on the low profile two-point harness used by the flying performers.

Supported by Flyhouse’s custom designed spreader bar, our two-point harness is the most discreet performer flying rig available in the industry, and allowed for the complete safety of the performers without compromising the effect of the ballet. The final piece, performed with silks, gave the illusion of smooth, seamless flight and was lauded by critics and audiences, adding a special dimension to Marriott’s highly anticipated production.