When local printed textiles company Fabric Images needed to display five 26-foot tall banners outside Swissotel Chicago, they turned to Chicago Flyhouse to design and execute the installation.

Intended to set the stage for steel manufacturer ArcelorMittal’s week-long convention, the banners could not be anchored into the building’s structure, and in the case of inclement weather, also needed to be able to be taken down and re-installed quickly during the week.

In addition, Fabric Images wanted the banners to be rigged at angles to the convention center’s exterior wall, reflecting the building’s architecture, and appearing to be an extension of the building entrance.

With only seven days from hire to installation date, Flyhouse created a counterweighted truss system that was suspended over the center’s roof and secured at the sidewalk level to hold the base of the banners. Due to unusually stormy weather during installation, Flyhouse closely monitored daily wind speeds, and took significant precautions to secure the truss – employing approximately 2,000 pounds of counterweight on the roof, and 10,000 pounds on the sidewalk. In addition to safely securing the banners, Flyhouse staff also came on-site in response to National Weather Service severe thunderstorm warnings during installation and temporarily took the banners down until the weather had cleared.