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Our services are diverse and our reputation is sterling. Our dedication to extraordinary rigging that exceeds industry and safety standards means individualized, innovative designs. Select one of our services from the list below to learn more.

Stage and Studio Rigging

The design and condition of your rigging system infrastructure play a crucial role in determining the scope of your venue's future growth and success.


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Automation and Ziplift

Automation and Motorization are suitable for a wide array of onstage and behind-the-scenes applications, ranging from performer flying to motorized projection screens, rigged set effects, automated curtaining, motorized stage lifts, and more.

Rigging Inspection

By providing rigging Inspection, training, maintenance and warranty, Safer Venue equips any type of space with a comprehensive yearly safety system.


Rigging Inspection FAQs

Drapery and Curtains

Our motorized systems are available with a variety of controls, including joysticks and contact switches as well as our cutting edge iRig touch screen console.

Decor, Display, and Exhibits

Flyhouse prides itself on delivering "invisible" rigging designs for all of our display, decor, and exhibits projects.

Heavy Object Relocation

Flyhouse works closely with each client to educate ourselves about the object's physical demands and limitations, the parameters of the spaces it is moving from and to, and the project installation goals.

Safety and Fall Protection

Flyhouse offers a wide range of options for worker safety systems, protecting your staff and your bottom line from undue risk.

Acoustic Absorption

Acoustic issues are a profit drain on your venue. Erratic sound reverberation drives away concerts, conventions, and other high-return events that make the difference to your venue's reputation and bottom line.


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