Training Samples

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Class Samples

The Flyhouse trainers use a wide variety of methods to make sure those in attendance receive the best training possible. Using a mix of PowerPoint, hands-on demonstrations, and real-life stories of what has been seen on the job site, participants leave the training with the knowledge to do more in the industry.

So what can be expected? Here are a few sample slides.

Rigging Math Sample | Truss Loading Sample  | Truss Inspection Sample | Forces Sample

Training Videos

In the rigging world, there are common occurrences on the job site that you may have been taught but might just take for granted as fact. Flyhouse wanted more solidified answers so we started testing these occurrences such as cable terminations or why is three dead wraps on a drum the industry standard. The answers are now part of our Flyhouse Films. For more videos like these, head to our YouTube page




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