Stage & Studio Rigging

The design and condition of your rigging system infrastructure plays a crucial role in determining the scope of your venue’s future growth and success. Whether you’re a theater, church, university, or any venue seeking to develop or define a space, Chicago Flyhouse can assist you in improving a current facility or creating a new one with permanent installations of full counterweight systems, hemp systems, permanent suspension, pipe grids, and other weight-supporting pipe with a custom design appropriate for your rigging needs.

Automation & Ziplift

Automation and Motorization are suitable for a wide array of onstage and behind-the-scenes applications, ranging from performer flying to motorized projection screens, rigged set effects, automated curtaining, motorized stage lifts, and more. In addition to our motorized and automated design and installation services, Flyhouse also provides full safety and operations training for all performers, operators, and production staff involved with the motorized system, giving you the tools to ensure that your company’s rigged effects are as safe as they are spectacular.

Rigging Inspection

By providing rigging Inspection, Training, Maintenance and Warranty, Safer Venue equips any type of space with a comprehensive yearly safety system.

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Drapery & Curtains

Flyhouse offers a wide array of manual and motorized drapery – from custom fabricated stage curtains and fire curtains to window coverings, curtains to divide or create spaces, and stationary and decorative drapery. Our motorized systems are available with a variety of controls, including joysticks and contact switches. Working with your staff, Flyhouse will identify opportunities to expand your venue’s functionality, increase production options, and create aesthetic impact with rigged curtain designs custom-developed to suit your venue.

Decor, Display & Exhibits

Flyhouse prides itself on delivering “invisible” rigging designs for all of our display, decor, and exhibits projects. Flyhouse’s attention to aesthetic detail extends to the installation process. Our crews are highly respectful of the environment, with special attention given to protecting existing items in the rigging area. Our decor and display installation plans are developed to have the smallest “working footprint” possible. Whether permanent or temporary, Flyhouse delivers completely safe and secure display and decor rigging with careful attention to visuals and minimal impact to the venue.

Heavy Object Relocation

Flyhouse understands the challenges of moving large, potentially irreplaceable objects from one location to another. Clay cars, stone dogs, pirate ships, spacecraft, boulders, and replica aircraft are just a few of the unusual items Flyhouse has safely transported. We work closely with each client to educate ourselves about the object’s physical demands and limitations, the parameters of the spaces it is moving from and to, and the project installation goals.

Safety & Fall Protection

Flyhouse offers a wide range of options for worker safety systems, protecting your staff and your bottom line from undue risk. Our team works closely with client staff and certified engineers to ensure that each System fits the specific needs of the client venue and work completed, and is guaranteed 100% safe and free of defects. Our turnkey package includes installation and complete worker training, giving you the tools to take control of your facility, and protect yourself, your staff, and your patrons.

Acoustic issues are a profit drain on your venue. Erratic sound reverberation drives away concerts, conventions, and other high-return events that make the difference to your venue’s reputation and bottom line. Patrons expect complete clarity of sound, whether watching their favorite band or team, and they’ll let you know when they’re dissatisfied with their experience. Flyhouse understands acoustical concerns of venues, and teams with our clients to identify each venue’s specific issues and architectural demands.