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Field Museum Nature Clouds

Posted by Flyhouse on Jan 26, 2018 8:05:00 AM

The Field Museum of Chicago began its 125th-anniversary preparations in early 2017 with an ambitious endeavor of renovating Stanley Field Hall. The renovations are meant to bring together the inanimate matter and living elements of the museum by incorporating a live hanging garden known as Nature Clouds to showcase plants living from the prehistoric era.

A successful anniversary celebration requires a collaborative approach to bring the concept to reality. Flyhouse was contacted by The Dobbins Group through the recommendation of Ravenswood Studios to provide insight into the feasibility of suspending four Nature Clouds with weights ranging from 5,000 – 19,000 lbs. From this consultation, steps were taken to move forward with a full-scale prototype with Flyhouse providing the rigging solution. Along with Branch Technology, Impresa, The Dobbins Group, and Ambius, this prototype was fabricated successfully at Ravenswood Studios.

To make this experiential space a reality, Flyhouse will use two large and one medium capacity custom hoists to suspend the four Clouds and move them. Each Cloud will have a speed of 16 fpm with variable speed in acceleration and deceleration and the ability to travel to three pre-set positions using a wireless pendant on the main floor. While the Clouds will remain in a higher fixed position when the museum is open to the public, the three pre-set positions will allow museum staff to lower or raise the Clouds for special events and maintenance.

Field Museum Nature Clouds
(Photo credit: The Field Museum) 

Flyhouse will spend six weeks installing the mechanics and commissioning needed for the project and will use a custom-designed temporary access solution with a capacity of eight tons onsite as the main means of hoisting and safety.

Flyhouse is excited to be a part of this new Field Museum venture and looks forward to sharing updates with you as the project progresses.

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Geneseo High School

Posted by Flyhouse on Dec 1, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Geneseo High School provided Flyhouse with an opportunity to do something unique - build doors at the back of the stage to allow for major scene changes in a limited-wing space theater allowing for more to be done on stage. Flyhouse also installed nearly two dozen dead hung line sets and 11 ETC Prodigy Hoists.

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United Center - Motorized Grids

Posted by Flyhouse on Nov 17, 2017 8:45:00 AM

United Center Grid 1.jpg

United Center Grid 20.jpg

United Center Grid 39.jpg

United Center Grid 6.jpg

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Little Caesars Arena

Posted by Flyhouse on Oct 27, 2017 12:00:00 AM

In the new home of the Detroit Red Wings and Pistons, Flyhouse installed over 100,000 square feet of an acoustical baffle system along with the upper masking, half-house, and blackout curtains for the entire arena.

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Wintrust Arena - Blackout Curtains

Posted by Flyhouse on Oct 26, 2017 2:50:51 PM

Popcorn in hand, soda to the right, the sound barrels through the speakers and the lights dim to near blackout levels, the ambiance of the room is perfect to escape from reality for a few hours.

The right environment can make or break an event instantly for those in attendance. When your favorite musician is about to play their first note, the mood set right before they play is of the utmost importance and light leaks can interrupt that mood and spoil the environment.

Wintrust Arena, new home to the DePaul University Blue Demon basketball teams and entertainment events, considered this exact scenario and focused on reducing light leaks it would receive throughout its new building.

To achieve this, installation of different blackout style curtains was needed. Using a mix of manual bi-part and one-way draw curtains along with numerous motorized roman shades, Flyhouse delivered on its promise to create an efficient and suitable atmosphere for all types of future events.

For the upper bowl seating and arena-ends, Flyhouse installed a series of remote operated roman shades to reduce light spill. The roman shades are of varying heights and widths, some upwards of 100 ft wide, to cover the expansive areas of windows and in hard to reach areas where a manual system would not be possible. The motorized component allows the shades to raise and lower at a variable speed of 20 feet/minute and uses a wireless controller that is able to operate at several locations within the arena. However, should the wireless controllers become inoperable, the system also has a hardwired pendant allowing the system to remain operational through another control point.

An added benefit of installing blackout curtains throughout the arena are the acoustical properties they gain. The heavier fabric used in these curtains helps absorb and dampen the sound emitted from the event and those in attendance. 

The manual curtains are hand-operated at vomitory and aisle entry locations of the venue which will provide a reduction of ambient light seen by fans and performers. It required the use of 1,700 feet of I-Beam style tracks and nearly 1,800 curtain carriers to complete this portion of the installation.

Wintrust Arena is now in the position to offer the environment needed for each event; darkness or light depending on what is desirable to set the mood.



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