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What a Year: Trainee Testimonials

Posted by Flyhouse on Mar 31, 2021 10:32:30 AM

In Part 2 of our look back, some kind words from a few of our online training participants.

Industry Praise for Flyhouse Online Training

"It was through webinars at your company that I learned new information about rigging, gained deeper insights into things I already knew, and became aware of a few things that I have seen on jobs that may be questionable practice. I feel more knowledgeable about rigging work, procedures and equipment now. Companies like yours that want to give back to the industry and improve the professionalism in the workplace are wonderful."

- Michael B.

"As the only theater technician for a high school, more than 20 years out of school and 10 out of regularly working anywhere in the industry outside my own space, these classes were invaluable. I received information that confirmed what I was doing right, showed me what I could be doing better, and gave me ideas for the future."

- Sean E.

One thing that impressed me was how the rigging big-names all went to each other's classes and learned from each other and shared in the conversations. Ed, Eric Rouse, Bill Sapsis, Ethan Gilson, it's been a who's who of the rigging world.

- Kristi R.

Classes with Chicago Flyhouse (and shout out to Edward Leahy) were such an amazing and rare bright spot in a rather dim year. If you are an aerialist you know that learning about rigging is typically hard to find (seriously I've traveled across the country just to take classes) and very expensive. I learned so much and really appreciated how the classes went from basics like hardware selection to more nerdy topics like bridle math. The break tests were particularly fun!

- Jane G.

I have the utmost respect and gratitude for the training sessions that Chicago Flyhouse has offered over the last year! Not only did it keep so many of us learning more about the industry while we were away from our careers but it helped many folks still feel an important connection to the industry that we dearly love and missed! There were so many great conversations with people from around the world and I am grateful for the free and paid training classes that I have had the fortune to experience in the last year! It's actually a little strange to not have Ed on my screen weekly now 🙂 Thank you Ed and the entire Flyhouse team for your energy and efforts!

- Sarah B.

We have loved meeting, connecting and training with so many this year. Flyhouse Online Training will remain a permanent part of our training program going forward. 

That's how we fly! 

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