Our Industries

Chicago Flyhouse provides its services to a number of industries around the world. Select the industry below that is most like your venue to see what we can do for you.

Unusual Rigging

Think your project is unusual and can't be done? Don't worry. It can be. Flyhouse specializes in the unusual and will find a unique solution to make it happen.

Performance Spaces

From single purchase manually operated counterweight systems found in high schools across the country to modern day automated rigging systems installed in collegiate settings, Safer Venue will provide your facility with everything it needs to maintain the utmost in safety standards.

Houses of Worship

No matter the size of your theatre, the condition of your rigging system plays a crucial role in determining your venue's success.

Cruise Ships

More and more cruise ships are equipped with state-of-the-art theatrical rigging involving complicated technical design and sophisticated automation. Not to mention, the cast and crew are constantly evolving to keep performances new and exciting.

Performer Flying and Circus Arts

When you are in your seat at the theater and see an actor fly across the stage during a performance, it looks as if they are truly flying. Performer flying made to look real is our goal and we succeed every time. 

Museum, Retail, and Exhibits

Rigging is being used more frequently by restaurants and retailers than ever before. Whether it’s for rigged displays or impressive flying effects, the Safer Venue system is an effective tool to ensure everyone’s safety while allowing for easy communication of any day-to-day concerns.


Flyhouse Arenas offers turnkey solutions to your toughest problems. From acoustics and light spill assessment to baffle and curtaining design and installation, we leave no stone unturned in developing state of the art arena rigging solutions, custom designed to ensure the highest level of return on your investment.