Employing recent advances in effects technology, Great Lakes Naval Academy has developed “Battlestations 21,” employing staging and special effects worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster to give Navy cadets the most realistic training environment available.

Incorporating the latest in simulation technology-video, moving screens, smells, vibrations, and sound effects, “Battlestations 21” delivers lifelike scenarios to prepare our Navy for actual combat.

Working in conjunction with Design Lab, Chicago Flyhouse was chartered with delivering all rigging for this unique project, and designed, fabricated and installed nearly 400 feet of truss and 600 feet of pipe.

The completed rigging system supports a battery of surround-sound speakers delivering complex audio, complete lighting systems capable of simulating any kind of natural light as well as special effects for battle sequences, large projector screens upon which a series of combat simulations are displayed, and banner flag retractors, used in the Academy’s orientation and graduation ceremonies.