With a 3,457 seating space and innovative stage design, Braden Auditorium at Illinois State University is well known across central Illinois for hosting high-end touring companies, concerts, ballets, conferences, and more.

Chicago Flyhouse was pleased to partner with Braden to complete a multi-phase renovation project staggered over a span of three years, with the charter of upgrading the rigging system and replacing the stage curtain while accommodating both Illinois State University’s budget constraints and its busy events schedule.

The first stages of the project addressed the under-rated rigging present throughout the old system. Flyhouse initially replaced half of the line sets and all of their associated rigging, and in year two the remaining half were replaced for a total of 48 new line sets. During the second year of the renovations, Flyhouse also provided custom spreader plates and a custom designed ‘compensator chain’ system that eliminates the weight transfer caused by wire rope during its travel.

For the final phase of the project, Flyhouse assisted with the design and specification of the replacement curtain for the Auditorium, and subsequently delivered and installed the replacement track and a bi-part guillotine style curtain.

Flyhouse is pleased to have played a major part in increasing Braden’s viability in attracting top-tier productions and conferences to the Auditorium.