Designed by Studio Gang Architects, Columbia College’s cutting-edge Media Production Center is the first new-construction building in Columbia’s 120-year-history, and relies strongly on features provided by Chicago Flyhouse to ensure that students are fully prepared to enter the workforce with of-the-moment production skills.

In addition to the creation of state of the art aerial effects and motion capture studios, Flyhouse also worked in conjunction with Studio Gang and Threshold Acoustics to deliver the massive LED screen that is the focal point of the Center’s breathtaking new lobby.

Flyhouse’s screen is made up of 28 individual monitors grouped into columns of four that can operate as a single 14×10 image, or break into seven discrete sections that can be manipulated into myriad configurations.

Gliding smoothly along a curved track seamlessly integrated into the lobby’s 200-foot window façade, the seven LED columns can be individually positioned nearly anywhere in the room, and are also able to independently rotate 360° to face either the inner lobby or the street outside.

When not in use, the entire assembly tracks into a compact 2-foot wide storage bay discreetly housed in the lobby window’s pre-existing support structure.