When fragile Lego sculptures hanging from the seventh-floor mezzanine at 520 Michigan Ave needed to be removed, time wasn’t on anyone’s side!

In the interest of public safety, the entire operation had to be accomplished in one evening while there was no general population in the building or the immediate area.

To add complication to this demanding removal, the anchoring points for the sculptures were originally installed during construction of the building so no lift could easily reach the areas where the sculptures were attached.

With a time frame of three weeks from the initial call to quote to the actual lowering and removal of the sculptures, Chicago Flyhouse was up for the challenge.

After reaching the anchorage points, with some skillful rappelling, the sculptures were disconnected from the building. A lift and chain motors were then used to carefully descend the entire sculpture as a single unit approximately 150’ to the ground. During its descent, the sculpture had to be maneuvered through areas with as little as one-half inch of clearance.

With the Lego sculptures successfully lowered and dismantled an awaiting team accomplished the final removal.

An impressive overnight success for Flyhouse. The work was completed in less than six hours from beginning to final cleanup!