Hubbard Street Dance wanted to incorporate a flying effect for their performance of “One Thousand Pieces” at Harris Theatre but they were unsure if it was affordable… or even possible. Based on having previous experience with our capabilities in providing performer flying effects, Harris Theatre recommended Chicago Flyhouse. After meeting with Hubbard Street Dance we were able to accommodate their budgetary concerns and Hubbard Street Dance was able to move forward with the effect.

There are always challenges to be met and overcome and this particular project was no exception. To accomplish to the desired performer flying effect, the performer was required to descend through a tight space when entering the house, and return to the same space to exit. To make this happen, it was necessary to remove and re-install an existing on-site Flyhouse Ziplift to a location at the front of the house. It is interesting to note that a single point motorized straight lift effect is not typically installed in the house and requires careful consideration due to potential noise and visual distraction, however Flyhouse was able to successfully work this out.

As neither party had previous experience with a Ziplift system, that included a joystick control cable and iPod touch, three rehearsals were held at Flyhouse to ensure the safe & proper use of the equipment.

With the challenge to complete the install along with properly training the actors and operators in the safe use of the equipment, we had to do a good share of flying ourselves to meet curtain up expectations.

The project was initiated in September, 2012 and was completed October 15, 2012 with enough time for us to take a bow and the Hubbard Street Dance performance to take flight.