After Chicago Flyhouse’s successful work debuting the ‘flying wine steward” for Texas de Brazil in Chicago, the restaurant chartered Flyhouse with re-creating this standout trademark for their new location in San Antonio, Texas.

Working with New York-based GC Conboy Mannion, project architects DM Design Group, and Texas de Brazil’s Director of Construction, the Flyhouse team had less than eight weeks to design, fabricate, and install a permanent state-of-the-art, customized performer flying system for the restaurant’s space in San Antonio’s historic Kress Department Store building.

The restaurant’s wine cooler is a glass-facade three story space in full view of the main dining area, where patrons can watch the flying wine stewards soar from side to side, flip, and tumble while retrieving selections from the cooler’s towering shelves.

The system utilizes Flyhouse’s 300VS-120T Ziplifts, allowing for travel up to speeds of 5′ per second – all of which is self-directed by the stewards using CFI’s handheld wireless remote control. With over 30’ of track, a 1-HP tracking motor, a 7.5-HP lifting motor, and a custom enclosed control that includes a 17″ touch screen monitor, the system has a discreet wall-mounted control enclosure measuring only 8″ in depth and is controlled via Flyhouse’s custom iRig software.

Similar to other Flyhouse’s performer flying systems, Texas de Brazil’s includes two digital limits, physical geared hard limits, and encoder positioning, providing a series of safety mechanisms for the end-users.

As the system will be in constant daily use, machine monitoring and upkeep are of primary importance. To address these concerns, Flyhouse configured the iRig for remote accessibility, allowing Flyhouse staff to monitor, troubleshoot, and provide software updates to the system in real-time from virtually anywhere.

In addition, Texas de Brazil will utilize Flyhouse’s Safer Venue system – a customizable inspection checklist and reporting Application for handheld mobile devices that provides instant report results to all parties – keeping the Chicago-based Flyhouse team in the loop at all times. For more on Safer Venue, click HERE

Flyhouse is proud to continue its contributions towards making Texas de Brazil an unforgettable dining experience.