The critically acclaimed Writers’ Theatre of Glencoe recently acquired an old ballroom, formerly belonging to the Glencoe Women’s Library Club, which they wanted to convert into a state-of-the-art thrust stage that would be flexible enough to accommodate the world-class level of their production values.

Chicago Flyhouse was chartered with designing, fabricating, and installing a pipe grid over the entire space, however, the company’s desire for a thrust stage created a grid access problem over the house area, which they initially intended to address via a clumsy combination of ladders and scaffolding.

To address this issue, Flyhouse designed a focus stand on a custom track that snakes around the entire grid, allowing an electrician in the stand to pull themselves along to easily and safely reach every pipe in the grid.

Flyhouse is proud to have been part of this renowned arts company’s growth and contribution to the arts community.

For more information on the Writer’s Theatre, visit their website.