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Design Factor

Monday, June 15
2:30 pm

FREE: Highlighting the role that Design Factor and Hardware Selection play in all entertainment industry work.
Brian Phillips


Hanging Hardware

Wednesday, June 17
2:30 pm

PREMIUM: An overview of the most common pieces of hanging hardware used in the industry.
Instructor: Topher Morris

Hanging Hardware II

Friday, June 19
2:30 pm

PREMIUM: A review of the proper use of less common hardware, picking up where the first Hanging Hardware class left off.
Instructor: Topher Morris


To support our industry, Flyhouse shifted our curriculum into an entirely new, online training program. We have more than a dozen new ETCP recognized classes for technicians of all skill and experience levels. Options include both FREE and low-cost PREMIUM classes—with more topics in the works.


Ropes and Knots

Tuesday, June 16
1:30 pm

PREMIUM: Technicians need to have a solid understanding of rope construction, rope care, and a variety
of knots.
Instructors: Ed Leahy and Mark Witteveen

Advanced Automation - Electricity

Thursday, June 18
9:30 am

PREMIUM: Electricity and electrical components from an automation perspective.
Instructor: Jon Shimon


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Program Planning for Fall Protection

Wednesday, June 17
9:30 am

PREMIUM: Helping institutional managers ensure they have accounted for all the requirements of a fall protections program. 
Instructor: Ed Leahy

Facility Construction

Thursday, June 18
2:30 pm

FREE: We will look at the process from several perspectives with real-world examples and pros and cons.
Instructors: Benjamin Cohen and Mark Witteveen

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