Rigging installers do not require licenses. There are no building codes for rigging installations. There are no national standards for rigging inspection or the manufacture of rigging components.

Without reliable assistance, venues have no way of knowing whether their rigging system is safe and secure, or just an accident waiting to happen. Rigging that requires regular inspection includes Fire Curtains, Hemp Systems, Counterweight Systems, Automated Line Sets, Suspended Systems, Roll Drops, and Pipe Grids.

Inspectors from Chicago Flyhouse complete a thorough checklist of every rigging component in your venue, examining each one for suitability and wear. Then we deliver a fully illustrated report that explains your rigging’s condition, appendixed with clear steps to achieve 100% safety, estimated labor time, and repair costs.

Inspection clients are not obligated to use Flyhouse for any suggested repairs.

If you are not completely certain that every rope, chain, batten, point, and shackle in your venue is 100% safe, fill out Flyhouse's Rigging Inspection Form and we will get the process started.

Still have questions? Look at some of our frequently asked questions regarding the rigging inspeciton process.